Artists For Love

Feel free to download this image to place upon your wall or to share your solidarity. Right click to save image to your desktop.

Today’s post is about knowing where you stand. I’m sharing that I stand collectively as a ‘We’ as in ‘We Stand With You’. And which of ‘you’ am I referring to? – well frankly, ALL of You! 🙂

So much has been on the news, that people have turned it off, unfriended pals on their FB page, good people have been so turned off entirely to the world of politics that they have started, even more than usual, to go hiding in their own little bubbles.

By the way, Bubbles will burst eventually.

This is not a time to hide, but to unite, confidently and reach out to other like-minded folks whose sense of solidarity is as important to them as keeping our mother earth alive, healthy and well, as we only have one of her.

And there’s only one of you.

Be inspired today by this gentle artistic movement by visiting Kelly Ray Roberts website to learn about Kelly’s take on all this, as well as how other incredible artists like Flora Bowley are showing their solidarity.

Then go explore how you feel about what is going on and learn how you can help heal your own heart by creating your own little piece of art like I did above. We are one.

xo Happy Creating


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