I’ll be updating my website …

Hello my lovely people out there!

I will be updating my website greatly within the next two weeks, to provide a better end-user experience. In the meantime, take a peek over at Heart & Soul , my shop where I offer my handcrafted organic goods.  Hugs & kisses xo Leah

New Bedding Set by Leah Quinn Design
New Bedding Set by Leah Quinn Design


Going Fishing and Coveting Fabric Collections – By The Hudson Cove

I’ve gone fishing for new art patterns and created a new collection called Hudson Cove. 😉

The new collection was inspired by a trend board I didn’t initially choose to work from but am super glad I did the second time around. When Itaffy-glass-tall-vase took the live Designing for Home Decor online course earlier this season with the dynamic and dynamite team of  Lilla Rogers, and Margo Tantau with the amazing crew over at MakeArtThatSells.com, I was a bit familiar with what to expect for the course, as this was my third live class with MakeArtThatSells.com – but had no idea the trend boards would be as delicious as there were.

Hudson Cove Pattern & Design Collection by Leah Quinn
Hudson Cove Pattern & Design Collection by Leah Quinn

In fact, each trend board was so extra pretty, I initially worked one full day with each to better acquaint myself with its colors, motif themes, etc. in trying to decide which one I’d use for creating my collection around, during the live portion of the course.

The incredible work produced by the other artists in the class was super astonishing too. So inspiring, uplifting and fantastically hit right out of the ball park kind of art work. This course really changes the design game for sure. It did mine! And am so very grateful for it.

My Pattern named Jellybean Serene Green – click on bowl to see this pattern on a dress – so pretty, don’t you think?

After the course ended in June, I decided to go back and ‘take’ the course again, this time using the other trend boards. Not only to broaden my portfolio of patterns and designs, I was hoping to keep my art fresh for the upcoming Global Talent Search Contest and I adore the momentum of the MATS courses in which you have to submit a piece within one week. It so keeps you on your art toes!

Here’s my take on the second trend board which had themes that reminded me of upstate New York and of the Hudson River from where I grew up. I’ve included product mockups and patterns I’ve designed for metal, fabric, glass, ceramic & wood substrates.

Click on image to see entire Hudson Cove Collection by Leah Quinn Designs
Click on the box to see the entire Hudson Cove Collection.

My latest patterns you see here were done using only hand painted watercolors in creating the motifs and elements prior to taking them into PS or AI to create the design patterns – I even had fun using that new Adobe Capture pattern app on my phone. It takes making patterns to a whole new level despite some of its initial hiccups.

Currently I have a few of these patterns on sites like Society6, Redbubble & Spoonflower. As of this post’s date, I am still uploading some of the patterns you see below to those sites as part of my latest collection.


Hudson Cove Design & Pattern Collection by Leah Quinn Designs
Click on image to see the ‘Surreal Trippy Starfish’ pattern on a t-shirt.
Click on the image to see the Hudson Cove Pattern Collection.


What’s next on my art board? I’m toying with ideas for the last trend board, a kid-friendly one as it’s been curated with ideas for patterns more suited for children design themes. Wait to you see the colors – They happen to be some of my favorites!

One thing is for sure, I never know what I will be designing until it’s created – it’s such a fun part of the process – the surprise of each pattern design as it unfolds itself to me as I create it.


P.S. Are you curious about those animals peeking through the window? They are Vicuna that I drew as part of my Children’s Illustration assignment for Make Art That Sells Bootcamp course.

Summer Swings In Busy

I have had a blast of a good time through out the past four weeks creating art and product mockups for the MATS Home Decor, the only time the course was offered live in 2016 at MakeArtThatSells.com with Lilla Rogers and Margo Tandau. So busy have I been, that I didn’t even realize I hadn’t updated my website in four weeks – yikes!

I’ve also been gearing up in producing products for my Heart & Soul Apothecary shop. I was invited to participate in the 47th Annual Riverside Crafts Fair at the Garrison Arts Center. So I said YES! Woot woot!

I am really quite stoked and honored to be a part of this spectacular curated show. And while I know the date will come up a lot faster than I realize, I’m squealing inside with excitement. It’s not your average craft fair by any means, it’s a rather big deal – I even have to put on my serious shoes. 🙂

So whether I’ve been working in ceramics, creating art for licensing (fingers crossed), I’ve also been up to my ears in producing product for the shop.

Below are just some of the things I have produced in the last four weeks…

Shown above are boards from all four weeks in various substrates: Metal, Fabric, Glass, and Ceramics for MakeArtThatSells.com‘s Home Decor.

Below are various items I’ve recently made that are just out of the kiln or about to go in, respectively within these past busy four weeks.