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As the year winds down (or up depending upon one’s perspective) it’s been a tough and difficult year for so many. My heart and love goes out to so many in our one world. It can be all too easy just to scroll quickly pass, or just be too bothered to be observant to what is going on, all around each and everyone of us.

You can look at it as half-empty, half-filled or, as I do, as opportunities. For change is the only constant. There is still something of substance. I believe and hope you will too, that 2017 will bring good things to light. Let’s hope. 🙂

This next year, I aim to pay it forward in more ways that I have in 2016, even if it is to be bring a simple smile to a stranger’s face. And with creating art, it allows for a meditative state to come about, at least for me – it’s the one time I’m giving back to myself so that I can give more to others. It’s a time for to me unwind, to express, to intend and to explore and try new things. It’s a must for me, as with me helping people whenever I can.

This brings me to sharing with you all, that I am rolling this blog over to my shop at Heart & Soul Apothecary in the beginning of this next year while upgrading my portfolio website & other social media platforms. The other reason, is that I will be able to better share information of my latest artwork, creative in-house workshops and all sorts of other goodies.

So last but not least, here’s to some of my more ‘faved by you designs’ I created from my IG posts for 2016. Following that, are a few photos of items from various print on demand services I had produced with my designs on them and it’s so wild to see one’s work come to life on the surface of a product!

I have got to give huge thanks and warm hugs over to the creative teams at MakeArtThatSells.com & MakeItInDesign.com for the continued inspiration I receive to further my creative career!
I’ll see you in 2017!

And to my fellow designers, Artists & ‘Classmates’ & MATSies, “We did it!” It’s been such an amazing & inspiring journey to see everyone’s art and creativity soar this year, I am so looking forward to seeing and being witness to what our creativity unveils for us all in this next year!

<3 Hugs Leah

Scarves by LeahQuinnDesign.com available at NYHeartnSoul.com
Scarves by LeahQuinnDesign.com available at NYHeartnSoul.com & Here on Redbubble
Best Nine for 2016 from Leah Quinn Design IG feed
Best Nine for 2016 from http://instagram.com/LeahQuinnDesign – There’s also a slew of designs I released over at Spoonflower available now for purchasing. 
Fabric from Spoonflower with my Designs.
Fabric from Spoonflower & Lamp from Zazzle with my designs on them.
Items with my designs available at Heart & Soul
Items with my designs available at Heart & Soul Apothecary.


Summer Swings In Busy

I have had a blast of a good time through out the past four weeks creating art and product mockups for the MATS Home Decor, the only time the course was offered live in 2016 at MakeArtThatSells.com with Lilla Rogers and Margo Tandau. So busy have I been, that I didn’t even realize I hadn’t updated my website in four weeks – yikes!

I’ve also been gearing up in producing products for my Heart & Soul Apothecary shop. I was invited to participate in the 47th Annual Riverside Crafts Fair at the Garrison Arts Center. So I said YES! Woot woot!

I am really quite stoked and honored to be a part of this spectacular curated show. And while I know the date will come up a lot faster than I realize, I’m squealing inside with excitement. It’s not your average craft fair by any means, it’s a rather big deal – I even have to put on my serious shoes. 🙂

So whether I’ve been working in ceramics, creating art for licensing (fingers crossed), I’ve also been up to my ears in producing product for the shop.

Below are just some of the things I have produced in the last four weeks…

Shown above are boards from all four weeks in various substrates: Metal, Fabric, Glass, and Ceramics for MakeArtThatSells.com‘s Home Decor.

Below are various items I’ve recently made that are just out of the kiln or about to go in, respectively within these past busy four weeks.

It’s Mini Time! (For Creating Collections For Home Decor)

So yesterday I did a little ‘recapping’ of the work I created for the last time I attended Creating Collections for Home Decor at MakeArtThatSells.com while also answering a few questions asked of all alumni. Answering those questions allowed me to really think about my experiences in creating for these classes, it reminded me just how much I have learned while also giving me the chance to review the work I created. Below and above are just a few samples. 


I actually was surprised while reviewing my work that I had created so many patterns (I sort of forgot – lol), there were at least 8 more (different colorways & coordinates than shown below).

And If you are curious to learn about the course, and what the intensive five weeks is like, here is my answer to the question posed if I were to tell a fellow artist about taking this amazing course online course with Lilla Rogers & Margo Tantau:

“Get ready to be challenged in creative ways you have never experienced before! If you wish to learn what a full-time artist does, and what it takes to become a full-time Surface Designer, the MATS experience will put you right into the middle of it.

And don’t sweat the small dust… yes dust, since during those five intensive weeks, there might be a little extra dust on your bookshelves, a few extra dirty dishes in the sink, perhaps even a day you couldn’t get to shower, since your days are filled with MATS work.

Personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way! The amount you learn is exponentially compounding – in other words, it’s mind-blowing and life-changing!

The MATS courses put you on a creative adventure that helps you become who you are meant to be – an artist with joy in their heart with a fresh portfolio filled with new art work that is ready to present to an Agent or Art Director.

Plus, there is always something up Lilla’s creative sleeve! As a student, you actually look forward to Mondays when new art assignments arrive in your email with pertinent industry-related information you’re digging to learn and know about. Now how cool is that for a class you take, that you actually look forward to your Mondays?!

And believe you me – do your “mini’s work” – and you will be well prepared to handle the main assignment.”

So it’s Mini Time – which means we are given a few sample little exercises to get us warmed up for the intensive course – here’s a few of my mini’s so far: below is my color inspiration mood board.

My Art Cup Mini