Summer Swings In Busy

I have had a blast of a good time through out the past four weeks creating art and product mockups for the MATS Home Decor, the only time the course was offered live in 2016 at with Lilla Rogers and Margo Tandau. So busy have I been, that I didn’t even realize I hadn’t updated my website in four weeks – yikes!

I’ve also been gearing up in producing products for my Heart & Soul Apothecary shop. I was invited to participate in the 47th Annual Riverside Crafts Fair at the Garrison Arts Center. So I said YES! Woot woot!

I am really quite stoked and honored to be a part of this spectacular curated show. And while I know the date will come up a lot faster than I realize, I’m squealing inside with excitement. It’s not your average craft fair by any means, it’s a rather big deal – I even have to put on my serious shoes. 🙂

So whether I’ve been working in ceramics, creating art for licensing (fingers crossed), I’ve also been up to my ears in producing product for the shop.

Below are just some of the things I have produced in the last four weeks…

Shown above are boards from all four weeks in various substrates: Metal, Fabric, Glass, and Ceramics for‘s Home Decor.

Below are various items I’ve recently made that are just out of the kiln or about to go in, respectively within these past busy four weeks.

Word Art Typography Goes To The Farm

Word Art Typography Goes To The Farm

This was a most interesting and fun experience yesterday I had in creating various farm-related word art. Outside my home, it was still in the below freezing temperatures, so I decided right in the middle of the day to start a fire in the fireplace, while I worked on various artistic tasks at hand.

So have fun ‘moo’ing through my typography art I created yesterday. Tonight I will be working in water colors and ink. I am quite excited to ‘color’ these in, but I am more anxious to learn about our next assignment in course on Home Decor.

I cannot wake up early enough in the day I am that warmly exited about this course! This passion even surprises me that I am getting up super early and staying up late working like I am. It really does put me in my happy place.

Farm-Related Typography & Word Art by LeahQuinnDesigns.comTypography & Word Art by

Well It’s another hard rainy day here in Beacon, NY – Think I will go make another fire in the fire place, brew some tea: my Mt. Beacon Chai Tea from my Heart & Soul Shop and start creating!

Stay warm out there and take a glance at your seed catalogs or do what I did today and visit someplace you’ve always wanted to go and go there ‘cyberly’ if you can’t make it there in person.