Medieval May Me

With great fun, I am exploring all sorts of work for the latest assignment in the Bootcamp online course over at, and with their next live online course ‘Creating Collections For The Home Decor Market‘ set to start in 11 days (May 16th)  – I couldn’t be more happy to get these art muscles of mine going.

So below is a few fun designs and patterns I have created for this month’s assignment for the Bootcamp Series – of all things inspired by Medieval Typography, Art & Symbols.

And lastly, I created this creepy and fun creature… I named him The Elusive Spotted & Striped Bearded FishMan. Legend says this creature went extinct roughly around 1600AD, no one knows especially why, yet local lore says that if a woman could catch the FishMan, she would give birth to a Prince. And this Prince would rule the land as far as the eye could see…I also learned that it supposedly tasted a lot like chicken.

The Elusive Spotted and Striped Bearded FishMan

XO Leah