Patterns And Color Palettes Are Everywhere I Look

Patterns Are Everywhere I Look

And then some! I didn’t even go further than 25 feet, I promise to have found all these patterns within the small confines of my humble home.

This is a collection I gathered today for my course with Rachael Taylor that I am taking. It was interesting to realize how much paisley is actually hanging around my home. Even I was surprised, Why? There was a lot of paisley I didn’t photograph, lol.

I didn’t even get to go by my stash of fabric, but that’s a post for another day. 🙂
It is interesting to assess what catches your eye about fabric. These are not meant to go together mind you, but simply swatches of patterns in and around my abode that I loved one time or another.

Patterns found in my home.
Oh Pattern Hunting I’ll Will Go, Oh Pattern Hunting I Will Go…(in the voice of Elmer Suds)


And with these images that come from my Garden in 2015, I created beautiful color palettes that I hope to further inspired by when creating new patterns and designs in the coming weeks. You can see many other of my organic garden flower images on my Instagram Feed over at the Heart & Soul Shop.



Make It In Design Courses by Rachael Taylor and Beth Kempton

While I have been taking the exciting and demanding online class on Home Decor with award-winning Lilla Rogers and Trend Setting Margo Tantau, I have also started taking the entire module series hosted by Rachael Taylor and Beth Kempton founder of -both from England.

I had taking this course awhile ago, but felt I needed to brush up as technology has (is always changing) and now that I am aiming m1_designingyourway_200pxstraightforward into a surface pattern design career with my whole heart, I am creating more art everyday of my life. And I couldn’t be any happier quite frankly.

Want to be a designer in any field? You simply have to ‘Make More Art’! That and have the right mentors rooting for you. This is why I am taking these courses, to improve and grow as an artist. And these ladies are serious leaders in the surface pattern design industry!

Glass Pendant Lamp Design by Leah Quinn
I used drawings of flowers I created for my course and applied them to an exercise in creating lamps for

So off I am this morning and onto my sketchbook drawing, scratching, mark-making in creating new patterns & handwritten typography for both classes – and perhaps a few just for me and you!

I look forward in sharing with you the work I create in this module serious too!


We’re Going On An Adventure!

We’re Going On An Adventure!

Tomorrow starts a most wonderful challenging experience for me as I embark on an intensive online class about creating art for the Home Decor Industry. I have been most interested for some time now – say 3 years if not more, in learning about getting my art out there in the licensing world and this is one amazing journey and opportunity in taking this course: Make Art That Sells for Home Decor With Lilla Rogers.

As one of MATS-05b-smallmy greatest mentors, sources of inspiration and truly a soul who saw trends in the design world, my mother Gertrude Quinn – would tell me right now if she were still alive that: “Leah, we’re going on an adventure!”.

I have fond memories of our various adventures. She taught me so much. She also believed in education – big time! So I invest in myself now as she did then, when as a youngster. She would surprised me with a fresh supply of large fancy paper and a new pastel kit or set of paints every now and then. She was always full of surprises. Oh how I miss her terribly.

Gertrude was quirky, impeccably dressed, could easily quote Shakespeare, had a wonderful love of music and art and had a flair for design in its many forms. She envisioned trends. I saw this first hand and was mesmerized when I noticed she had this ‘gift’. She believed in exploring your world to ponder, learn and discover who you truly were. We went on many many adventures.

You truly know when something becomes your true passion, that you are following your inner joy. You feel it inside your heart. It’s when you are up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday (willingly) and start getting busy with setting up your studio, your work space, your mind space and soul space in preparing for an online class with Lilla Rogers, Margo and the whole Make Art That Sells team. 

Personally it’s going to be hard work, yet exillerating, thought-provokingly evolutionary as I discover what I can create. I am so incredibly honored to have a chance to rub ‘virtual elbows’ with you all for this very special learning experience. – I squeal inside with nervous excitment knowing our creative adventure is about to start and will have profound affect in providing inspiration to us all. 

These were just a few words I was able to share with the other students who are taking this class along side me on the day before we are about to embark on our adventure. Many of the ‘students’ are so incredibly gifted and well-skilled it’s a special delight to learn from professionals already working successfully in this incredible career field. When I took the first Make Art That Sells Part A (MATS A) Make Art That Sells, that course knocked my creative socks off!

So as I embark on this creative journey and adventure for these next most intensive five weeks, I look forward in sharing my story, my creative experience and art with you all.