Sometimes Art Gets Funny

Every once in awhile as I go about my day creating this or that – it can be a pattern or perhaps a fresh batch of organic spray mist I offer over at my shop, things can get pretty funny around here.

So without further adieu I share with you some of my funny ‘art’ I recently did for the bootcamp online course I am taking over at with Lilla Rogers.

The premise of our monthly assignment was to create lumberjack-themed ornaments. And I so encourage you to visit the April’s Online Gallery to see how the amazing artists I am rubbing elbows with, approached this very same subject. It’s truly remarkable to see their incredible talent and conceptualism!

I was struggling at first, tried drawing men.  – But it looked like it was going to get bloody… as I first thought of a Rabbit dressed as a lumberjack…yea….. umm no..


Ideas were a flutter in my mind in how I should approach this very subject. You see, I live in a city where there are many men who seemingly look like lumberjacks but are merely artists, programmers, dads and the like. But there’s a commonality to it all – beards & plaids.

Now I actually make a product called Dude’s Beard Balm (which as a result of this assignment I will be rebranding the packaging completely – so thank you Lilla for that!)  – and with that, it’s tagline is “Creating Beard Envy Since 2012” – so I sketched this out… Mary The Lumbersexual

Then the assignment got me going in this direction of humorous ornaments… The Ugly Sweater Ornament… I was close to submitting this piece, but second-guessed myself,… 

…So, overall I ended up with the Metro Lumberjack Ornaments… Much prettier and they smell way better since they are natural air diffusers by adding just a few drops of your favorite Heart & Soul Aromatherapy Blend ;).

This course continuously teaches me things, and I so look forward to next month’s assignment! And please get in touch with me in you can make these for us!

XO Leah

I’m Relishing the 1920s

So I have been having a fun journey during the first mini week at Boot Camp, an online course offered from with

While recently finishing her incredible Home Decor course there is always something up Lilla’s creative sleeve! As a student, you actually look forward to Mondays when new art assignments and good stuff you’re digging to learn, arrive. Now how cool is that for a class you take?!

So here are a few of my own ladies recently – quick sketches, done in ink. Some watercolored, while others are iterations in Illustrator. If you are at all curious, you should most definitely check out the current Instagram Feed over at MakeArtThatSells – it’s filled with amazing drawings and sketches – a definite play for creative eye-candy by very talented artists.

This has got to me my most favorite assignment yet. Also I’m recognizing the joy of creating my art. It’s a good feeling to stretch my art muscles! Thank you Lilla Rogers so very much for inspiring so many, including me.

If you wish to follow me on Instagram – You can find me at and

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Make Art That Sells – Finishing Notes

I'm a Make Art That Sells Graduate - Yay!
I’m a Make Art That Sells Graduate – Yay!

Well five weeks is up for the amazingly crazy ride one experiences with Make Art That Sells for Home Decor. It lasted a long five weeks but time flew so quickly!

So much art I created, I noticed I was starting to get into a flow until I had a snafu with the computers. Shtuff happens sometimes.

While I was upset that I wasn’t able to upload my fifth week’s work, you will see it soon enough once I reload my files back into my new hard drive.

In the last week, not one but two hard-drives decided to kick the bucket on my computers. I was fortunate not to have lost files, but have since gotten things fixed and am already a few days into Boot Camp at with LillaRogers.

So out with the old, and in with the new. I have a few new hard drive installed, the windows are open, am airing out my home and cannot wait to get started on the minis for Boot Camp!

What I can share with you is this, if you thought the talent was spectacular with the Home Decor classes, you will be blown away by the level of talent already showing in the Instagram feed for Boot Camp.

With this online course which boasts five months of art creating prompts, one will come out on the other side with loads of artwork to add to their growing portfolios while developing all sides of themselves as an artist.

So off I go to work on resintalling apps, files, finding my work from a few weeks ago to post here and on the private facebook groups for the Home Decor class and more…

Here’s just a little sample of what I have just started getting my hands into for the March’s mini at Boot Camp. I have also started a new instagram just for my art and designs – you may follow me here: 🙂

Sketches of 1920s Women

Quick Sketches of Women from the 1920s