Something funny happened on my way through the 100 day project…

Lately I completed The 100 Day Project by challenging myself to creating a pattern a day for 100 days straight. I had thought to myself when I first started to wonder if I could actually accomplish such a task. Would I see it all the way through, could I create something tangible everyday for placement onto the world of surface design?

I knew I was the only one who might notice, but wanted to add new work to my portfolio – so off I went to design a pattern a day, then all of the sudden, something funny happened on my through my challenge of #100daysofpatterns…

In the beginning, I noticed that I was able to upload a pattern to my Instagram by two in the afternoon while working on all my other art & shop work. Then by week three, I noticed not only a much shorter amount of time needed in creating the new patterns, it became sort of an added challenge for myself to see how many I could do on any one day. It become super fun and I even surprised myself with what I designed everyday.

Yes there would be days that I might not have shared my progress, as there were many other art designs I was doing simultaneously for MATS Bootcamp and MATS Home Decor, but when I did share, it would be four or more unique designs an ‘IG post’.

This is just a screen shot of one of my Pattern Libraries in PS…

I’m a little shy to share this, but I ended up creating roughly 1000 design patterns (not counting any created for ABSPD or MATS). Whew is right! I would never expect that, nor learning so much about pattern design and creating realistic mockups. I even very recently, submitted my designs to several competitions including one being held currently by Uppercase and Windham Fabrics and another by Spoonflower.

While deciding in keeping fresh design work a ‘coming to my portfolio, I joined in for Rachael Taylor’s Summer School over at ABSPD, which has been a delight to design for with using the incredible and insightful trend-related briefs provided with each assignment. I’ll share those designs soon including the one’s I have created for the GTS 2016, I promise.

So today I share a fun few one’s I created this last week while I am still finishing up my designs for the GTS2016 competition with Lilla Rogers. So back to mocking it up.  And next week I will start uploading more of my designs to Spoonflower. 🙂

Sunset Leads to New Designs

So we all love sunsets, yes? – why yes… the colors, the sereneness of it all, it’s that part of the day where you might start to wind down and review all that you may have accomplished and to see what’s next for you.

That’s how I found myself the other day, reflecting upon my day while playing toss with the dog, I looked up and saw the beauty – had the camera, so I did a quick color mood board:

Twilight Color Mood Board in the Hudson Valley, NY
Twilight Color Mood Board in the Hudson Valley, NY

I often share my color mood boards on Color.Adobe, should someone else find these color combinations and palettes as pretty as I do.

So the next day, I set myself off to create a few design patterns with my newest colors. And here are those designs below.

Here is that mirrored marbled number (at bottom right) up on spoonflower:

This one I can see as a wool rug, fun wallpaper, etc. I’ve also placed this one up on too.