I’ll be updating my website …

Hello my lovely people out there!

I will be updating my website greatly within the next two weeks, to provide a better end-user experience. In the meantime, take a peek over at Heart & Soul , my shop where I offer my handcrafted organic goods.  Hugs & kisses xo Leah

New Bedding Set by Leah Quinn Design
New Bedding Set by Leah Quinn Design


Journal Love

notebook with art notes.
My notebook and art notes while working on the Tarot Card for MATS Bootcamp this past May.

Who doesn’t enjoy drawing, sketching and writing in a journal? I live through my journals, it’s one of the few things I ‘treat’ myself to. A fresh new page for me, represents a fresh new start to the day, or a moment to remember, or even what inspirations I may have with my art work.

Journals currently in my bookcase…

Keeping several going at once, I often depend upon the design cover to know which one to grab off my desk. It’s how I stay organized.

And I so love looking at journal covers, it’s the art frankly, the combinations of colors that will always just ‘get me’ in choosing one over another. And speaking of covers…

With our last MATS bootcamp 2016 assignment, we were asked to design journal covers relating to flowers. And well, one thing led to another, and I designed a few more than the one I submitted for the online gallery. If you like some of them, You may find a few of them up in my redbubble.com page.

'Jonquil' Journal Journal Cover Design.
‘Jonquil’ Journal Journal Cover Design.
My 'Just Ducky' Journals & Patterns. I really enjoyed creating these repeat pattern designs from this series and collection.
My ‘Just Ducky’ Journals & Patterns. I really enjoyed creating these repeat pattern designs from this series and collection.


swirlplay-journal by Leah Quinn Design
I love creating marbleized patterns – look for my designs I named ‘swirlplay’ if you like this look.


Zen Journal by Leah Quinn Design
Zen Journal by Leah Quinn Design

Interesting to note, it was by doing this last journal assignment that led me to design a series of coloring patterns books. And for that, I am super stoked and most grateful I was so inspired. And will assuredly look forward getting my coloring books out to print. I will also be adding many of my designs to spoonflower.com, society6.com, etc. in addition and as soon as I sneak in some time to do that.

Come on in…

Yes, welcome to my portfolio website.

17575_269230899794_612529794_3209525_1844394_nI like to keep my work shown here as updated as possible with fresh art work for your viewing pleasure.

Here you can take a peak into my artful world of creating something everyday. Okay at least I do my best to be creative everyday  -and sometimes you just got to do what you got to do…and go wash the dishes.

And I graciously thank you for visiting.