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Tea Towels - Great for Drying Dishes and Making Your Kitchen Look Extra Pretty

Help stay green by using tea towel to dry your dishes, pots and pans. 

Your basket to your neighbor will look extra pretty as you use your beautiful tea towel to pass her your famous tuna fish casserole in that hot ceramic dish. 

Quickly grabbing that baking sheet with that perfect sourdough loaf of bread out of your oven will never look ugly anymore either while you're streaming on Youtube. 

No matter what, these tea towels are meant to be used, not just sitting extra pretty over your oven handle. Just saying! 

PS Are you one of those matchy matchy people?
You're in luck, I have a variety of aprons, oven mitts and kitchen accessories that match or coordinate with the tea towels you see here. Simply look up name on 'design' and you will find other items I have created with the same design to help you coordinate your room.

Why buy and use tea towels in the kitchen?
Truth be told, I have tea towels/dish towels that are used every day that are older than my many years and was fortunate to inherit my mothers. There must be at least 30 in my supply - as I don't often reach for paper towels. It's my way I help to stay as green living as I can and reduce my carbon footprint. Fresh clean tea/dish towels get hung up in the kitchen every day. 

These are easily washed, printed on one side (do not use bleach). Hang to dry or use a dryer on low. Fabric will soften with each use and become even more absorbable as years go by.


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